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What is STEPdesign

STEPdesign is the design developed for the solar roof tile.
STEPdesign means, photovoltaic elements are directly integrated into roof tiles and blend in with the original roof.
STEPdesign is unlike the traditional pv solar installation methods, which result in an unattractive large blue glass panel, which are not appealing in appearance. STEPdesign is discreet and integrates seamlessly into the roof landscape.
STEPdesign is indispensable. A roof "lives". With time the roof moves, reshapes and transforms into an uneven surface. The large glass panels of the traditional solar installation are usually ridged and fixed, this results in distortion and possibly damage to their appearance. STEPdesign is discreet, flexible, and because of its very nature "lives" harmoniously with the surrounding roof, and will not distort or change its appearance.
STEPdesign is indispensable. The traditional solar panel mounting methods increase the possibility of snow avalanches with it's smooth glass surface. Snow stoppers can be used in exactly the same way with STEPdesign manufactured solar roof tiles, and even be added after the installation.
STEPdesign is indispensable. The installlation is unnoticeable from a distance. Only when you have a closeup birds eye view you see the solar roof tiles. STEPdesign can be used on buildings that are protected by any preservation order.