Welcome to Solardachstein

The Solardachstein roughly translated is "Solar-roof-tile", or the SRT as we will refer to it.

Quick and Easy

The SRT is quickly and easily installed, no dirt no noise. A qualified roofer and electrician will have no difficulty to complete the task in a single day. The simple roof tile exchange process does not require any alteration to the existing roof structure. Take a detailed look at the installation here

SRT is STEPdesign

The SRT is unique in design and function. The embedded Photovoltaic cells (pv) give you the luxury of producing your own power, preserving the beauty of your home and landscape, no ugly solar roof panels. STEPdesign as we call it, is in full compliance with preservation order regulations, so rest assured you can install the SRT on any protected property. Find out more about STEPdesign here


Polymatrix is a specially designed man made material. It can be formed into most models of roof tiles. Polymatrix is manufactured from recycled plastics, but PVC free, it is light, unbreakable and naturally weather proof. Polymatrix also comes with a 30 year guarantee. Find out more about Polymatrix here

Your Power Station!

Now you have your new SRT installation, what are you going to do with all that power? There are many opportunities open to you, you may want to sell it to the national grid, or just reduce your own electric bill, the choice is yours. There are many benefits and grants available, check with your regional authorities for details. more on your power here


Naturally people have questions, please find the answers, here