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The Photovoltaic effect:

In 1839 the French physicist A.E.Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect, which one can win directly electricity (in the form of direct current) by means of a N P semiconductor from light.
In the 1950s this effect was used industrially, the first applications were the electrical supply of satellites. In a grid connected pv installation direct current is produced and converted by an inverter into the local alternating current.
The inverter works in the grid connected mode. The solar produced power is fed into the public grid.

A contribution towards a cleaner environment:

The sun produces approximately 20.000-times the world power requirement, and approximately 40% reach the earth's surface.
With your new photovoltaic power station you contribute and reduce the output required from conventional environmentally hazardous power stations, e.g. coal-fired power stations and nuclear power plants.

The Photovoltaic cell:

The power producing heart of the solar roof tile is the polycrystalline industrial standard cell of the large European manufacturer PHOTOWATT. Cell 100*100mm trend (blue)

Typical values for 36 cells module