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Solar roof tiles from Polymatrix - technical information

Dimensions: corresponds exactly with 2 or more original roof tiles.
Appearance: STEPdesign, full compliance with preservation order regulations, fits harmoniously into roofs.
Weight: is only 2/3 of the original weight.
Material: Polymatrix, recycled plastic composite, PVC free, unbreakable and recyclable.
Colors: brick-red, red-brown, brown, grey, black. Special colors on request.
PV element: 8 pieces 100x100mm polycrystalline solar cells.
Laminate: glass - glass, (anti reflective safety solar glass), integrated diode

High tech cable (2mm2, double isolated)

Special snap connectors, (can be reopened), Widely used throughout the auto and solar industry
Electrical Safety Class II, 300 V system voltage

The SRT is particularly suited for use throughout europe.

Operation and storage temperature, from -25°C to + 75°C
Certificate IEC 61215
Power Output: 1 kWp set consists of 96 solar roof tiles.
Package: 96 pieces/pallet (approx. 600 kg)
Assembly: on a standard roof a 1kWp installation can be installed by a roofer team, without special tools within 3 hours. The solar roof tiles are layed exactly like the original roof tiles, only with cables to connect, "plug and play".
By different arrangement of the strings additional roof patens attainable. Unequalled flexible arrangements on the roof. (skylights, chimneys etc..)
Warranty: exactly like your roof tile manufacturer (30 years)
Origin: EU
Further models in preparation.
All Technical information subject to change without notice. Last issue: 22/08/2006.