(Translation by Bernard ROTH ,Commercial Judge, Strasbourg.
Any comments welcome :
broth@noos.fr )

The association has the following purposes (Article 4 of the former statutes) :

  • Establish or strengthen professional ties between members by means of meetings, study groups, national or international conferences
  • Distribute any publication, study or report it has chosen as the information medium for ist members
  • Take part in studies or assignments effected, where necessary, in conjunction with the legal and administrative authorities of the Council of Europe Member States and with the European Union
  • Officially represent ist members in dealings with the European Union, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and, more generally, with any European institution
  • Constitute any temporary or permanent group responsible for effecting studies or conducting research with respect to harmonization of legislation, jurisprudence, practice, customary commercial procedure and the functioning of commercial jurisdiction within the European countries
  • Ensure by means of regular meetings that there is proper coordination of the actions undertaken by all classes of association and organization represented by it in the fields indicated above.


BYLAWS of the EUJC/UEMC (available only in German language)