Legal informations 

(Translation by Bernard ROTH ,Commercial Judge, Strasbourg.
Any comments welcome : )

  • The U.E.M.C. was founded as association on June 9, 1989
  • The U.E.M.C. was registered as association on December 11, 1989 in the association register of the Strasbourg court under the number LIX Nr.21
  • The U.E.M.C. was enregistrated as NGO at the Council of Europe on March 6, 1995
  • This site of the U.E.M.C. was enregistrated at the CNIL, you are authorized to enter and ask for adaption for all personal dates related with you. In this case please contact : Ms Paulette Van den EYNDEN-VERCAUTEREN, president of the UEMC
  • The copyright of all published and downloadable informations are at at the authors and the members of the U.E.M.C., the using of these informations (text, images, trade marks) are forbidden. If you want to use them by mentioning the source, please contact before :     Ms Paulette Van den EYNDEN-VERCAUTEREN, president of the UEMC
  • Remark : To download the documents in the .pdf format you need the related software from ACROBAT which may be downloaded gratuity from the site )
  •  The head office of the U.E.M.C. is :
    Palais de Justice de Strasbourg
    Quai Finkmatt
    F-67000 Strasbourg.